To be stylish: lesson 5_ENG

To be stylish for me is:
  • to feel good in our skin
  • to be self-confident
  • to be in tune with our lifestyle. 

I’ve spoken about first and second item; so I may talk about the third one. What I mean with “to be in tune with our lifestyle”? 
First of all, it means to look right for every occasion: working time or free time, day or night, sea or mountain, happy hour or dinner with parents in law…

For every occasion there is the right look; it’s your choice..
To help you in your outfits, here are my “NEVER” and “EVER”:

  • Working time NEVER with: 
    • vest, shorts and flip flop: it doesn’t matter if you’re twenty years old or temporary worker or any other reason you’re thinking about: DON’T AND STOP!
    • any slippers;
    • too much decollete, too much legs in full view, too much heels and smoky eyes, need I say more?
    • Golden rule: if your working time look seems to you right also for sea, hurry up and change it!

Right outfits: jeans+heels+white blouse; dress+flat shoes+coloured necklace; black suit +top+heels+chandelier earings;

  •  By night EVER with:
    • heels+make-up+clutch and you’re perfect…
  •  Free time NEVER with: 
    • heels and too much make-up;
    • sweatsuits (punishable crime..); 
    • t-shirt and capri pants if you’re not “The body” (punishable crime again..); 

Right outfits: jeans+sneakers+white t-shirt; dress+flip-flop; white blouse+shorts+flat sandals

  •  Happy Hour with your friends EVER with:
    • something glittering;
    • a good decolletè;
    • high heels.
At every occasion, NEVER with: not perfect hair, not perfect nail polish, rings under your eyes, not fitted dresses, unwanted hair…

At every occasion, EVER with a great smile… improve every outfit! 🙂



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