To be stylish: the importance of being "fully (but stylish) equipped"_ENG

What do you see thinking about Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Capri pants? Flat shoes? First of all I see her black Rayban eyewear!
And about Grace Kelly? Silk foulards on her hair, of course…
And about Carrie Bradshaw? Manolo’s what else?
Thinking about a style icon we think about her accesories.
So here there are my golden rules to be “fully but stylish equipped”
JEWELS: remember mix+match: if your outfit seems odd or very coloured choose minimal jewels. Gold or silver according to your mood, round earrins,bangles, one ring for every hand. If your outfit is monochrome, focus on one jewel: a precious necklace+little earrings or chandelier earrings+no necklace. OUT: matching of earrings+necklace+ring+bracelet.
    • cheap must have: Pomellato’s Dodo and Lucciole; Toy Watch; Breil’s Snake necklace (so minimal chic..); Swarovsky’s New York Crystal Bangle; Tiffany’s “Return to Tiffany” collection;
    • expensive must have: Rolex watch, Salvatore Arzani’s collections, Cartier’s Trinity ring;
    • retrò must have: vintage broche on the jackets.

BELTS: the right belt change your outfit! Mind your body’s shape: the belt may highlights your defects. For example: if you’re large waist, belt is on your sides. If sides are a problem, put a belt under your breast.
You may choose among a belts great selection. It’s better don’t use often monogram belts; prefer a good leather and not “the brand”.

 SCARVES: cult accessory, winter’s must have. Choose one colour shawl to match with your outfit. Must have: LV Black Monogram Shawl. 
No silk foulard (old maid effect), no bandanas (rodeo effect and we are not speaking about Drive..). Choose kefiah scarf, in the right outfit it’s so stylish..

Next post: shoes and bags (I need a long life…..). 

Be stylish!



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